Wholesale Bali silver beads, bali silver jewelry & sterling findings. 4000 models. zeelver bali silver
wholesale sterling bali silver beads and jewelry findings
wholesale sterling bali silver beads and jewelry findings

GOOD NEWS! Thai hill tribe silver beads and findings are now available in our Bali website!
Now we can send your Bali and Thai silver beads together in one single package from Bali!
ATTENTION PLEASE: March 26 - 30 are holidays in Bali. Orders placed on these dates will be processed on March 31.

Minimum order: US$ 100

Want to buy silver from both countries, Bali and Thailand?
Please click on button below to open our Thailand website
(will open a new window).
Please place 2 separate orders.

bali silver beads & findings

thai hill tribe vermeil beads


bali silver jewelry

bali silver jewelry

bali silver jewelry

bali silver jewelry

bali silver jewelry


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If you have any questions, ideas, feedback, feel free to contact us.

The best way to reach us is by email:
General Question: info@zeelver.com
Bali Office email address: bali@zeelver.com
Bangkok Office email address: thai@zeelver.com
We will reply your email within 24 hours (business day).


Price of each product is price for minimum order of US$ 100. Discount will be given to orders over US$ 500.
Please see discount rates table below.
Silver price is fluctuative in these recent months. Please keep checking current prices of our products.
Our prices are based on world silver price. When it is high, our prices become higher. When it is low, our prices become lower.
You can check movement of silver price at this website: www.kitco.com.

Our Bali sterling silver beads and jewely are handmade, there may be slight variations in size, weight and oxidation.

Total minimum order is US$ 100 per shipment (excluding shipping cost).
There is no minimum piece per item, you may buy only 1 piece per item.
Individuals, hobbyists, jewelry & bead stores, wholesalers are welcome.

Order volume
Purchase from PayPal or 2CheckOut
Purchase using wire transfer directly to our bank account
(Note: discount rate for paying using wire transfer is higher, but you will later have to pay for wire transfer fees to your local bank and your local bank's correspondence bank)
US$ 100+
0% discount
US$ 500+
5% discount
10% discount
US$ 1,000+
8% discount
12% discount
US$ 2,000+
8% discount
14% discount
US$ 3,000+
16% discount
US$ 4,000+
18% discount
US$ 5,000+
20% discount

If you are going to place an order larger than US$ 2,000 per order, then we can offer you price by gram.
To see details about how to get price by gram, please click here.

and are authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Zeelver.
We also accept wire transfer directly to our bank account.

We ship order from Bali to every countries on next day after the order is placed using FedEx International priority service (3-4 business day) or Express Mail Service (post office) service (1-2 weeks).
Your order will be delivered right at your door step.
Track your order AWB# :

Some products which are marked with "Temporarily out of stock" are currently not available for temporary. Usually it takes 1-4 weeks for out of stock products become available again.

Usually there is no import duty / taxes in Australia on silver and gold plated silver goods received from Bali, Indonesia. However, for other materials, we suggest you to ask to your local post office or FedEx office in your city.
For other countries, import duty might be charged. Please check with your local post office in your city for information.
Usually customs fees charged by post office is much cheaper than FedEx.
We suggest you to choose EMS, rather than FedEx.
If you need a special invoice for customs purpose, please email us after you place an order.
Please note that we will not accept returns and no refund will be applied if you refuse to pay for the customs taxes.

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